Tri-Star Seafood pioneering effort in live seafood has enabled its live products to reach major centers in China, South East Asian, U.S.A. and Europe. Over 80% of its products are currently exported out of British Columbia to different parts of the world.

To satisfy the demand for varieties, Tri-Star Seafood has continuously diversified its product lines. Its ability to gauge shifting trends and promote value in the marketplace has earned the company a dominant position in the world market today.

Product Source

Tri-Star Seafood offers various seafood products caught from the west and east coast of Canada and U.S.A. Tri-Star Seafood also carries several items from other parts of the world.

To ensure a constant supply, Tri-Star Seafood works with the fishing boat and fisherman on contractual and strategic partnership. This concerted effort enables the company to stay one step ahead of competitors as well as achieving sustainable competitive advantages in its respective markets.



Tri-Star Seafood plant is a Canadian federally registered processing plant with European Union certification. This facility is fully integrated to properly handle live, fresh and frozen products with efficiency and flexibility. Operating around the clock seven days a week, the plant demonstrates infinite flexibility in the deployment of resources and well-trained staff to meet the time-sensitive needs of the customers.

The live tanking storage capacity allows a total of over 50,000lbs of product at any one given time. To guarantee a bacteria-free environment, each tank system is equipped with an advanced and independently operated, chemical and biological filtration system within which water supply also undergoes ultra-violet light treatment.

To maintain maximum freshness, a complete processing facility is available within the company to handle the processing of all kinds of shellfish, shrimp and fish products. In addition, we have also installed a state of the art steaming facility in our processing department. This steaming facility enables us to further extend our product line from raw seafood to cooked seafood and also to strengthen our product quality to the highest standard in the seafood industry.

All processing procedures are followed under the strict guidance of the HACCP principles and CFIA requirements to make sure that highest product quality and health standards are achieved for all our products.

Tri-Star Seafood constantly strives to improve packing and packaging methods to minimize spoilage. In conjunction with other common carriers, the Company has also developed a routing system which ensures prompt delivery. These efforts result in the economy of the delivery cost and ensure the product freshness as much as possible. Tri-Star Seafood share both advantages with its customers and keep adding value to our customer’s business in the long term.

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